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Flexado offers flexible meeting rooms, workspaces, coworking, virtual offices and office spaces for entrepreneurs and companies who don't want to be tied to an office

By signing up as a broker your clients can use all the services Flexado offers and you will earn a monthly commission.

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Register yourself for free as a broker with Flexado and help your clients on their way with their flexible services. You will receive a monthly commission if your customer uses one of our services.

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How do we work?

At Flexado we are as clear as possible. In the video we explain how a collaboration with Flexado works.

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Our offer consists of more than 4,000 locations worldwide!

We offer virtual offices, meeting rooms, co-working and office spaces worldwide. Use our services to increase your service quality by partnering with Flexado.

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Registration with Flexado is completely free
Easily arrange an online registration address for your customers. This can be arranged within 1 day.
Instant access to more than 4000 locations worldwide
Short lines of communication and contact with your own advisor
Extensive services from a regional telephone number to meeting rooms to fulltime offices worldwide!
No-cure, no-pay
No obligations
Easily register and manage your customers

What does a collaboration with Flexado yield?

When your client uses the Flexado services you will receive 10% of the gross turnover, as long as the agreement is running.

By partnering with Flexado, you opt for a long-term relationship with a partner who does everything in its power to make the collaboration run as smoothly as possible.

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Frequently asked Questions

How does a collaboration with Flexado work?

Wanneer je jezelf aanmeldt als broker bij Flexado kan Flexado alle flexibele diensten voor je klant faciliteren. Denk hierbij aan een virtueel registratie adres, coworking, een regionaal telefoonnummer, telefoon beantwoordingsdiensten, vergaderruimtes en meer. Je krijgt dan betaald zolang de overeenkomst tussen Flexado en de klant loopt. Je mag Flexado maandelijks het afgesproken bedrag factureren.

For what period do I commit myself to Flexado?

An agreement with Flexado is for an indefinite term.

When I register myself with Flexado, am I obligated to pass on my customers to Flexado?

Of course not. A collaboration with Flexado is completely without obligation. We understand better than anyone that it is important to choose the services that best meet the wishes of the customer.

What are the registration fees?

Jezelf aanmelden bij Flexado is geheel kosteloos. Ongeacht de keuze die jij of je klant uiteindelijk maken, zijn er geen bijkomende kosten. Je krijgt betaald per klant die gebruik maakt van de diensten van Flexado.

How often do I get paid?

At the end of the month you will receive an overview of the customers who have used your location via Flexado. Following this overview, you can send Flexado an invoice every month.

How can I register myself?

Click on the page above Become a broker. Once you have entered your details, one of our employees will contact you to complete your registration.

How do I pass on my customers to Flexado?

Passing on of customers can be done in various ways. Contact your advisor by telephone or send an email with the details and wishes of the customer, so we can get started right away.

It is of course also possible to purchase the services online. If you then place your name (and customer number?) In the comment of the order, we know that this customer comes from you.

How can I end my collaboration with Flexado?

You can easily do this by sending an email to

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Kristyvia Google

Super good, thank you Dennis!
Everything was very clear and clear and we were helped very well. Everything was arranged the same day.

Lucvia Google

Ultimately not chosen Flexado because they could not offer exactly what I needed. However, communication went very well and the information provision was top! Would definitely recommend them!

Romyvia LinkedIn

Steven's professionalism is certainly a great contribution for Flexado. He helped us well. Thank you

Serkanvia Google

I am EXCELLENT helped and guided. TOP point service! Keep it up.

Borrevia Google

The help was great...i'm a beginner so the help was very nice and good!!!