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Arrange a registration address for your clients.

Simply sign up your customers and receive monthly commissions.

  • Free of charge
  • Monthly commission
  • Quickly arranged

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We have been working with Flexado for several years now. The range of offices they offer world wide, the services they provide and their reliability and responsiveness is unsurpassed. We can highly recommend them.

Marcus Broix, Director Trade with Europe Ltd

Flexado is our regular partner for flexible solutions for our clients. When a client is looking for a flex office, we routinely refer them to Flexado because we know it always works out. That’s good to know.

Arno Kooijman, Founder Adworth Internet Marketing

I have been working with Flexado for many years. I am satisfied with the personal service and solutions provided.

Maximillian van Kasbergen, Omega Lab B.V.

Arrange a registration address

Flexado has more than 13 years of experience and is market leader in Europe. Customers can create their virtual office easily, safely and directly online.
Through a form that you can have fully white-labelled, we receive the customer's request.
The client receives a quote with a location that matches the requirements.
We arrange the onboarding and compliance check with the client.
If all documents have been correctly submitted, you will immediately receive the agreement for the new address.

By signing yourself up as a broker, you use our services to enhance your service quality. Your customers can use all the services Flexado offers and you will receive a monthly commission.

What does this mean for you?

Free of charge. A collaboration costs nothing. You get paid per customer delivered.

Monthly commission. Receive a monthly commission of 10% on every customer as long as the customers purchase a business address.

Quickly arranged. Within 4 steps, the address is up and running. It takes 15 minutes at most.

Regular provider. We are a regular provider for all your business addresses.

Advice. We assist you throughout the process. So you always have short lines of communication with a personal adviser.

Freedom of choice. Your customers can choose from more than 4,500 locations worldwide.

Easily expand. A virtual office can always be expanded with a phone number, telephone answering service or a workspace.

Flexible. You are not tied to anything. Once a customer cancels, we will arrange the termination and you will be notified.

No obligation. Your customer ultimately chooses which address best suits the business. Of course, this does not have to be through Flexado.

Why Flexado?

Unique address
An address based on your customer’s needs.

Safe and simple
Compliance and onboarding fully automated

In no time
An address within 15 minutes.

Customer service
We are the first point of contact for customers.

A small team with regular advisers.

Knowledge base
On our knowledge base, you can find answers to almost all your questions 24/7.

Get paid per customer.

Receive commission as long as the customer stays with Flexado.

Attractive percentage
10% on the gross amount.

Successful & sustainable

Flexado strives for successful collaboration and a long-term relationship. For you, the customers and ourselves, we want to provide the best service now and in the future.

Flexado was the first party to automate the entire process of purchasing a virtual office. From the landing page to the checkout, and from compliance with legal requirements to drafting the agreement. Thanks to more than 13 years of experience combined with the latest technological developments and collaborations with leading parties in various sectors, Flexado makes it possible to start a virtual office without the intervention of an individual. Of course, the entire Flexado team remains constantly involved and monitors these processes.

Fully automated

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Frequently asked questions

How does a partnership with Flexado work?

When you sign yourself up as a broker with Flexado, Flexado can facilitate all flexible services for your client. These include a virtual registration address, coworking, a regional phone number, phone answering services, meeting rooms and more. You will then get paid as long as the agreement between Flexado and the customer runs. You may invoice Flexado monthly for the agreed amount.

For what period do I commit to Flexado?

An agreement with Flexado is for an indefinite term.

We understand better than anyone that it is important to choose the services that best suit the client's needs.

Of course not. A collaboration with Flexado is entirely without obligation. We understand better than anyone that it is important to choose the services that best suit the client’s needs.

What are the application fees?

Registering yourself with Flexado is completely free of charge. Regardless of the choice you or your client ultimately make, there are no additional costs. You get paid per customer who uses Flexado’s services.

How often will I be paid?

Every month, you will receive an overview of the clients registered with Flexado through you. Following this overview, you may invoice Flexado on a monthly basis.

How can I register myself?

Very simple by clicking on “become broker”. Once you have filled in your details, one of our staff will contact you to complete your application.

How do I pass on my customers to Flexado?

Passing on customers can be done in several ways. Contact your advisor by phone or send an email with the client’s details and requirements, and we can get straight to work for you.

Of course, it is also possible to conclude services online. If you then put your name (and relationship number?) in the comment of the order, we will know that this customer is from you.

How can I terminate my collaboration with Flexado?

You can easily do this by sending an email to